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2manydressoptions - $265


Wake Up and Dream defines beach to boogie in the 2manydressoptions. The Cotton is so soft you could even sleep in it! With beads, feathers and cut in all of the right places, your options are endless! Beach? Wear with front open and let the beads dangle thru your cleavage to tummy. 2 risqué? Try it the other way around. Tug it off the shoulder to get full frontal collarbone action as the feathers accentuate the back (as shown). And when the season is over? Part of this dress never dies.  This beach-party dress can be worn with a tank underneath and jeans to keep you Ibiza-chic all winter long. Ritalin not included!

100% cotton with some elastisine. Remember to easily remove feathers before hand washing.  Made in Ibiza, by Wake up And Dream.

Sizes -One Size (and it will fit!)
32 inches (shoulder to bottom) 16 inches V-shaped cutout.
Adjustable shoulder-string. This is an A-line cut.

Color options are endless!!
-Solid Black trimmed in silver leather, small silver beads at hand and dangling crystal beads with pink feathers (not shown).
-Black/Green moon and stars airbrush, trimmed in light blue satin with blue crystal beads
-Purple butterfly airbrush, trimmed in Lavender ribbon with tied heart shaped beads and purple feathers
-Red trimmed in gold leather, crystal heart-shaped beads, red feathers
-Silver Sheer trimmed in silver satin (with tan leather strings, blue beads and white feathers

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