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Get your Ibiza fashion hit Stateside (and shipped worldwide), 24 hours a day, handpicked by the Ibiza Love Child, herself.

Return Policy

I personally inspect each item twice. Once when it arrives from Spain, and before it goes to you. I am certain that you will be happy with your purchases. Just in case, here is the risk-free return policy: We honor a two week full refund if unhappy with your choice. Under these conditions you have to log in and print a return label fast. Then get it to a shipping center fast. So someone on the wait list will be happy. If you miss the deadline, we can arrange a credit in your account valid for a year.


The garment cannot be worn and returned thinking we wont notice; we will. And it is theft! We practice the same quality control on what comes in as well as what goes out. And take pride in it.


Choose from USPS or UPS when checking out. Orders usually ship within 1-2 business days.